Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fresh meat; moving forward and backwards!

Derby Love Comic

A little over a year ago I first got in contact with ADD and with training for Roller Derby.
I know I have mentioned this before, but for the sake of this blog entree I will do it again; I SUCKED!! :) I was not able to skate well, I was insecure on my skates and it took me a very long time to get better.
So I think I can say, I know what it is to be new at this sport.

At the end of last year we had an excited group of newbies that start our ADD fresh meat training course. Some of them all ready pretty confident on skates. Others not so much. But all of them, no matter what level of skills, were eager to learn! Which is, I think, the most important thing in roller derby. It's enthusiasm and the willingness to learn, to fall a thousand times and get back up and do it all again.

This group of newbies, or as we like to call it in derby-land 'fresh meat', has been just great!
They have been very dedicated and have been working hard.

Tonight I trained a big part of the training together with Michelle (and others), working on skating together and in packs and teaching them the basics of hip checks.
It's great for myself to see how far I have come this past year, from nothing to teaching others.
But it's even more amazing to see how fast these newbies learn! My gosh...some of them were barely able to stay upright on their skates, let alone in derby stance. And now they are in derby stance, jumping, doing crossovers, pack skating, (light) hitting, etc. It's just awesome so see their progress.

So yes, our fresh meat is moving forward!
And pretty darn fast too.
But today they moved backwards a bit too.....
Cause Michelle taught them all about skating backwards!! :)
(a skills I still need to master properly...)

Just wanted to share the progress of ADD's newest edition with the world or whatever.
I am just so proud of them and it's great being able to witness their progress!

- Furrrocious

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