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Facebook is a great medium, I love using FB as a way of staying in touch, but we sometimes forget that there are websites too. And because of all those people in Derbyworld that put so much time (lot of voluntary time..) and effort into those sites, I want to give them a shout out here on my blog.
Also it's very handy to have all the sites together, so heck why not do it here! :p


Important International RD sites:

Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is the international governing body of women’s flat track roller derby. This website will introduce you to our organization and member leagues, educate you on the rules of roller derby, and provide information on how to join this forward-thinking organization. is also your best source for roller derby tips and advice, as well as the most up-to-date news and information about flat track roller derby tournaments and rankings.

Euro Derby:
This site is supposed to be a source of information about European Roller Derby. You find news, scores, a forum and a list of European leagues. This is meant to be a service for European Derby Leagues and people who want to start one.
This is in no way an official site of an organization or a league.


Not just reading but sharing about Derby - Yahoo groups

I know I just gave a whole 'speech' on links to real websites and all, but these yahoo groups are an ideal way of not only learning about different aspects of Roller Derby, but also being able to share your own advise and ask questions.
So here are the yahoo groups I found interesting.
Roller Derby Captains
This is a group started by a captain of a roller derby team, for all roller derby captains. A place where we can get together to get the help and support from others who have been there and handled that!!
I am not on  this yahoo group, as I am not an Captain, but hey this might be good for you! 

Roller Derby Coaches
A group dedicated to coaching the sport of roller derby, and a place where coaches and skaters alike can share derby drills, insights and stories. Non-WFTDA affiliated, all coaches and skaters from veterans to beginners are welcome.
You have questions about drills or training, go here. Lots of active coaches are on this Yahoo group and actually answer questions that are raised. I am not a coach, but we have a buddy roster for some trainings and found this yahoo group very helpful.

WFTDA International
This group is for women's flat track roller derby leagues outside the US and Canada, who are interested in collaborating with the US-based Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).
This group is intended for a meeting place for internal leagues to network, share rules translations and advice, and explore what membership benefits WFTDA offers internationally.

European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC)
Welcome to the page for the Annual European Rollerderby Organizational Conference (EROC). This is our forum to pose ideas, requests, thoughts, whatever to be discussed in this year's Conference so European Rollerderby can be organized on an international level. 

Blood and Thunder Bootcamps
This group will keep you posted on all the up-to-date info on blood & thunder magazine's roller derby training camps. Join this group for all informational posts and access to relevant files!


Roller Derby Stores

Triple 3 Skate shop
Derby owned store from Obdam, Holland. This is our very own Sweet n Sinister's shop! <3
Triple 3 skateshop is the first dutch rollerderby shop.
We are also the only rollerderby owned and operated shop in the Netherlands.

We offer sweet deals for sinister gear! 

Sckr Pnch Skate shop
Derby owned store from Gent, Belgium.
It was about time derby gear got to Europe at an acceptable price. Without surprising extra costs.
And that's exactly what we provide. The basic and better stuff to get you fast and hot on your favorite track.

SwedeVix Skate shop
Another great Derby owned and run store in Europe, this time from Sweden.
SwedeVix Skates was started and based on the belief of "Derby Players Helping Derby Players". We are here to answers any questions you may have whether it being a fresh-meat questions to a new upgrade of your customized skates. You can find us on Facebook, and Twitter. There are of places to interact with other derby players and also plenty of places to get a hold of us. Don't feel like your bothering us feel free to ask away. We are 100% derby owned and operated and love Roller Derby just as much as ever.

Quad Roller Skate Shop
Coming to you (soon) from Berlin, a derby owned and run store.
Run by Bear City Roller Derby's, Master Blaster and Great Vengeance, we are excited to start supplying our colleagues with great equipment and knowledgeable information in our corner of the globe. We will have what you want, ready to ship. We are now accepting pre orders for June so if there is something we can plan in for you, let us know! 

Fast girl Skates
Amazing Derby owned store in Seattle. Very helpful and know their stuff! Web shop as well as a real store.
Sure, there are other places to buy roller skates and protective equipment. We hope you buy from us because of our high level of knowledge and, let’s face it, fashion sense (because it matters if your wheels match your helmet and which boy shorts make your booty look best)! We just want everyone in the proper skate size, and proper equipment. Our main goal is to serve our sport – women and their specific needs.

Another Derby owned store, with web shop.
RollerGirl does not offer every available model of roller skates or roller skate accessories on the market. Instead, we hand pick and carefully test products that we can stand behind. Our goal is to offer only those products that we feel offer the best quality and value. Lisa Suggitt (RollerGirl) personally tests every product offered on Our skating products are tested in their natural environments: all our roller derby products are tested on the derby track, our aggressive products are tested on ramps and bowls and our outdoor products are tested in a variety of different real life outdoor situations.

Neon Skates
Also a derby owned and run store. This time from Canada.
Neon Skates’ mission is to provide you with quality roller skates, accessories, and apparel. Neon Skates offers great customer services, because they want you to be just as happy with your roller skates as we are.

The Bruised Boutique
Yet another great derby owned and run store!


Staying up to date about Roller Derby 

Derby News Network (DNN)
Cannot go to a live bout? Or just want to see more derby? DNN is the place to be!
We believe that modern roller derby is a revolutionary sport...
… and a revolutionary way of doing sports, made possible by modern communication technology.
We believe that in this new era of technology-enabled community, roller derby’s organic, collaborative, athlete-controlled structure can span the full range of sport opportunities, from a championship event with the stature of the Super Bowl to little-league participation numbering millions.
We believe the organic, DIY growth mode of modern roller derby has no limit. We think the same is true for derby media. Let's sell out every bout, but let's never sell out.
We’ve built DNN on the same principles that guide the sport's community: do-it-yourself, collaborative, passion-driven, crowdsourced. Many hands make light work.

Blood and Thunder Magazine
Derby run and owned magazine. They also send their magazines all the way to Holland, and I love coming home to a fresh B&T mag on my doorstep!
Welcome to Blood & Thunder Magazine's official website. Blood & Thunder is the first roller derby magazine dedicated to the modern revival of the sport. We feature articles on derby leagues, teams and skaters, coverage of major tournaments and derby events, derby history and legends, art, music, and the lifestyle surrounding the world of roller derby, as well as columns pertaining to practical issues such as health and training.

Five on Five Magazine
Incredibly interesting  pieces, for the ones building a new league as well as for skaters that have been around!
The official magazine of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)
Started by rollergirls with contributors from leagues around the nation, fiveonfive caters toward the flat track roller derby community that is exploding across the US as well as internationally. (Roller Derby UK TV) offer a professional streaming solution for all roller derby and non roller derby events. 


League and Team Shout out!

Coming soon!

Are you missing your link here? And you think you should be here? Let me know below with a comment!

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